Friday, 26 February 2010

And here I am again.

The first blog I ever kept was here on Blogspot, and it still exists today as an archive, though I've long since lost the ability to access the account. In the intervening time I've moved around, settling into blog-homes at Blogdrive and Wordpress and LiveJournal; of those, only the LiveJournal account is still at all active. The Blogdrive account served its purpose, while the Wordpress one never really took wing, maybe because I found the user interface unwieldy or maybe because I was in a flux state when I started it. Whatever the reasons, the end result is me coming back here to Blogspot, and so to the latest incarnation of Polyvalent Logic. (And if you don't know what that term means, stick around, because I'll be discussing it eventually.)

As I write this, the world outside the window trembles on the cusp between winter and spring, while the world within me seems at last to be thawing into a reawakening season as well. Something--a new me, or a refinement of the old me, or perhaps just the continuation of a me I'd dropped somewhere along the way--something is stirring, and I'm glad of it. This is where I'll explore more of the spiritual side of that, even as life continues apace at LJ. Here I won't distract with shiny icons and animated mood themes and fandom ramblings interspersed between more serious musings, though certainly fandom-related topics may find their way into the plot points here. I am sometimes disposed to wander, but I always end up somewhere in the vicinity of a point. All right, usually. We'll see where we end up this time.

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