Saturday, 27 February 2010

Coming Full Circle

Less than a month ago, I was quite looking forward to, if not retirement, then at least a serious curtailment of spiritual activities and responsibilities. Pare down circling to sabbat observances when convenient, coven meetings to the very rare occasions that we feel the need to have one, drop our Pagan Pride Day involvement back to just running sound and making announcements, etc. We were going to do our mutual druidry as the mood struck us, I was going to focus on my FOI coursework and my personal Kemetic practice, and that would be that. And of course, that's not how it played out.

The Arts Magickal are rather like the Hotel California: just because you check out doesn't mean you get to leave. It's not at all sinister and diabolical, like something you'd read in a horrible Christian propaganda book from the 1980s Satanic Panic days; the universe doesn't actually work like that. However, I have found that once you take things on, then events tend to arrange themselves in such a way as to prevent the dangling of loose ends. There were loose ends still dangling, and until they've been tied off, clipped, or woven into something else, there will apparently be no retiring for me. That's really fine--I'm all right with it, even if I sometimes am frustrated beyond the telling with it all. I've managed to find the balance point between tossing it all and heaping more onto my overloaded plate. And while I am certain that my life would be easier if I had fewer interests, well, obviously that isn't going to happen.

My Iseum has mostly an online presence, though there are real-life components as well; at this time, I'm planning for the observance next weekend of the 15th anniversary of our founding. That means rededicating the main shrine for certain, and there may be a Flamma Vestae to perform as well. We have an enthusiastic initiate of our peculiar flavor of independent Gardnerian-based witchcraft, so until her partner is initiated and elevated to the proper degree to work with her, the coven will carry on, at least on such occasions as we can all get together. There are a couple of people who still like to come around and circle with us in a non-coveny context, so we'll continue to meet when it's convenient for all concerned. My personal Kemetic observances, some of which are quite Orthodox and some others not so much, will continue as they always have.

Today, by the Kemetic Orthodox calendar, is the second day of the Saq (ritual appearance) of Horus and Hathor of Edfu.* I'm unable to meet temple purity requirements at the moment, so I'm doing nothing formal to mark the occasion. Their theophanies, however, have been more than happy to appear for me for the past several days; it seems everywhere I look, there's a hawk perched nearby, keeping watch. Dua Heru her Hethert! Nekhtet!

* For the most part, I'll use the Greek names for the Egyptian gods here, just for ease of reading for my non-Kemetic Orthodox and non-Egyptologist readers.

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