Friday, 5 March 2010

An Anniversary

The Fellowship of Isis was the first vaguely pagany organization I ever joined. I did so largely because of the very open nature of the organization; there
was nothing required of me beyond stating my desire to be a part of it, and sending a dollar for postage to the foundation center in Ireland. That much I could handle. It was 1993, IIRC, and by that time I'd been reading on metaphysical subjects literally since childhood and attempting vague experiments in magick since high school. The Egyptian pantheon had grabbed me--I was quite determinedly nontheistic before, even back when I was a nominal Christian--but something about Egypt's deities struck me in a different way. I can't describe it any better than to say that they had an immediacy and a perceptible power about them that was very intriguing and appealing.

I found out about the FOI through a chapter in the book Isis and Osiris by the late Jonathan Cott, may his ka be justified. I was as intrigued by the people in Ireland worshipping ancient gods in their castle as I had been by my Egyptological readings. A postal address was given, an inquiry was made, and in due time I was sent a certificate and some other materials. A couple of years later, my partner and then-fiance joined also, and inquired about our founding an Iseum; and in March of 1995 a charter duly arrived. We were leading a rather half-assed Egyptian mysticism study group at the time, and thus Lady Olivia proclaimed us the Iseum of the Mystic Isis. And now, 15 years later, we're still around.

It's been the most painless and drama-free association I've had with any spiritual organization in all my years, and for that I'm glad and grateful. These days our Iseum exists primarily online, though we do have the occasional IRL meeting; we're having one tomorrow, in fact, to celebrate that 15th anniversary of our founding. (The photo above is of the main Isis shrine I tend for the Iseum.) And after all these years, I'm now pursuing a structured course of study for the FOI priesthood, as well.

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