Monday, 15 March 2010

Pagan Periodicals

I was in Borders the other night, and happened to see a couple of the current crop of glossy pagan-oriented magazines that are still in publication. I flipped through first one, then the other, and I have to say I was unimpressed. Not by the production values--on cursory glance, at least, the layouts looked nice and no glaring typos leapt out at me--but by the content. I'm just not interested in reading interviews with self-important, edgy Big Name Pagans, or elementary level how-to articles, or essays on subjects that to me seem tangential at best (i.e. otherkin, sexual practices and preferences, etc.). I don't want to read a lifestyle magazine (for that is what these were); I'm more interested in the whats and the whys than the whos and the hows (or at least, the how-tos). I already know how to live as a pagan. These days, it's the history and sociology of what we are and what we do that piques my interest.

I miss Gnosis magazine. The Pomegranate interests me very much, but it's pricey and doesn't appear at bookstores. There are good quality publications like The Cauldron that cover topics of history and folklore and the cultural context of modern paganism, but again they're not readily available, and unfortunately I don't have a subscription budget right now that would allow me to regularly receive them. I wish any of the local stores stocked the interesting foreign publications, but the local population wouldn't buy them; they'd buy the glossy lifestyle mags if they bought anything at all. And I put those down, bemused, and drift over to the next aisle where KMT and Archaeology could be found, filled with comforting articles on Egyptology.

Yeah, I know: cry moar, snobby girl. ;)


  1. You're not wrong. The only one of the bunch I can stomach is SageWoman. I've no idea how it keeps its integrity in the midst of some of the other BBI Media schlock, but it does. I, too, would love to have a subscription to The Cauldron, but I love eating regular meals more. ;)

  2. A couple of times I had to flip back to the front cover and make sure I'd picked up a pagan mag instead of Cosmo or something. Yegods. :P