Monday, 22 March 2010

Sign of the Times

This morning, the sign out in front of the local Southern Baptist church* said this:

In the eyes of Jesus,
you're either a sheep or a goat.

Now, this implies a certain value judgment about these two rather different species, as well as presuming a knowledge on the part of the reader about the behavioral characteristics of them. Let's consider, then.

Sheep are docile, herbivorous ruminant mammals, easily led and prone to gregarious habits; they flock, in other words, and are manipulable by their handlers. They are typically more malleable in larger groups; a flock of less than four may exhibit less predictable behavior.

A "sheep person," therefore, would be one content to go along with the crowd, willingly being led by a dominant personality--preferably one dispensing something desirable, be that food (for an actual sheep) or things of a more ethereal nature (for a spiritual sheep). You'll want to play on that herd mentality, though, because if left to their own devices they might wander off.

Goats, on the other hand, are known to be curious and intelligent creatures, difficult to contain and eager to break loose from any enclosure. They love to climb and explore, will eat just about anything, and tussle for dominance in a group situation. They can be trained, but with some difficulty if the goat isn't inclined to be cooperative. They are also associated with sexual licentiousness.

The "goat person," then, would be smart, curious, and disinclined toward being led. Not your best choice for a follower, actually.

In Greek mythology, Amalthea was sometimes depicted as a goat who fostered the infant Zeus in a Cretan cave. She is also associated with the cornucopia or "horn of plenty," which is variously recognized as the horn from which Zeus drank, or the goat's horn which was broken off, filled with offerings, and presented to the god.

I was born under the sign of Capricorn. Make of that anything you like.

You may be more sheepish or goatlike, or you may be something else entirely. Unless you consider yourself to be otherkin (a can of worms which WILL NOT be opened here at PLv3.1) it's unlikely that you feel a strong association with any particular animal. Me, I'm kind of owly. No word as yet on what Jesus thinks of owls.

* The SB Church in my small rural community regularly posts interesting messages on its sign. I pick only the choicest comments to blog about here.

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  1. This is *awesome*. I have zero problem with the eyes of the church seeing me as a goat. Nay!