Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Stuff Pagan Culture Likes

I think it would be amusing to keep a blog called Stuff Pagan Culture Likes. The idea, of course, comes from sites like Stuff Christian Culture Likes and Stuff Christians Like, both of which were likely inspired by Stuff White People Like. (There does exist a blog called The Stuff Pagans Like, but as it hasn't been updated since last July it may be dead.) The only thing that's stopping me is a vague sense that I might end up being less humorous and more mean-spirited, and I'm trying very hard these days to be, if not nice exactly, at least less consistently negative. I've noticed that I find it much easier to be objective when studying other cultures than when examining my own co-religionists, and it bothers me somewhat. (Only somewhat; there are vast quantities of things and people that deserve a righteous snarking, and I am quite qualified to provide it.)

I'm sure I'd get a lot of hate mail, though, of the "OMG you're so meeen" variety. Or, more likely, I'd receive the kind of response that was often lobbied at me back in the days when I was listmod for a traditional Gardnerian e-list a mail group that has long since closed, to wit: "If you think/believe/feel that way, why are you even here?" Just a veteran of the old internet flame wars, that's me. Online outrage is the same as it ever was.

Stuff Pagan Culture Likes. I do like the idea of it, sort of a humorous sociological study, the anthropology of the absurd. Perhaps I will.


  1. I'd read it faithfully and certainly wouldn't mind a bit of snark here and there. Off the top of my head Pagans like:

    Ren Faires
    Vampire novels
    Alternative love styles
    Questionable fairy art
    Herbal tea
    Gender stereotyping
    Dead Can Dance

    Yeah, you totally should write this.

  2. If I create the blog and give you contributor access, will you play with me? This could be epic.

  3. *squee!* Yes! Yes! Yes! I'll start on the above list immediately. :D

  4. Laurelei helped me come up with a few more, and I've already started the Ren Faire snark. Did I say snark? I meant completely unbiased blog entry.

    Browsing without Buying
    Cultural Appropriation
    Reclaiming Holidays

  5. Check your email; there's an invite. If Laurelei wants in too, let me know. :)


  6. I'd read it too and I would even link it to my blog because the name would be so similar.

  7. I feel like a total dork because I just noticed you already started it. On my way there, still a bit hot faced ;-(