Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Ethical Statements

I highly recommend reading the final draft of the community statement on religious sexual abuse,
as well as reading over the discussion of it going on at the Wild Hunt. For the record, I am very much in agreement with the principles outlined in the statement, wholeheartedly support such efforts, and will become a signatory thereof.

I also recommend reading Sia's declaration of Earthwise Ethics. She covers a variety of important issues and bundles them neatly into one place. Between this and the sexual abuse statement linked above, I can't find a single principle that I disagree with, or that I do not at least strive to uphold even if I sometimes fall short of my desired goals.

Spiritual people, particularly those in leadership or priestly positions, must behave ethically, must set for themselves a high standard of conduct, and absolutely must be willing to uphold and defend those standards and ethics, even when so doing causes personal strife. I say this from bitter personal experience, and I affirm that those experiences have not cured me of standing up for the things I believe in. If anything, they've reinforced in my mind the necessity and importance of taking stands and fighting for abstracts like justice and truth and honor and such. Fighting for Ma'at. Those things are worth fighting for, and what do you stand to lose--the esteem of the unethical? Not such a big loss, that!

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