Monday, 24 May 2010

Latest Egyptian Tomb Discovery

57 tombs, mostly 18th Dynasty, have been discovered at Lahoun near Cairo. The oldest of the tombs date back to the archaic period of the 1st and 2nd Dynasties. The discoveries are of special interest to those studying the Egyptian religion: of the oldest tombs is almost intact, with all of its funerary equipment and a wooden sarcophagus containing a mummy wrapped in linen.

In 31 tombs dating to around 2030-1840BC, archaeologists discovered scenes of different ancient Egyptian deities, such as the falcon-headed Horus, Hathor, Khnum and Amun, decorating some of the tombs.

Intact burials are exceptionally rare at this late date, most of them having been plundered in antiquity (or later on by the "gentlemen adventurers" of archaeology's infancy). I'm looking forward to learning more about these finds. I wonder if Zahi Hawass will make a Discovery Channel special about this? ;)

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