Friday, 21 May 2010

Morning Christian Double Header

The sign in front of the Baptist church was succinct, this morning.

Our stalking enemy:

it said;

the deviL

(And yes, that random cap at the end was present; the sign's messages are often rife with random capitals, a stylistic choice that invariably makes me want to gnaw through the restraining straps.)

I wonder what that feels like, to have an Adversary so clear-cut and obvious, an Other onto which blame can always be shifted, an Answer for why things can go so terribly, terribly wrong. I'm not made that way, and so I'll never know; I'm left with the complexity of a life built of choice upon choice, decision after decision, cause and effect. (They are too, however unwilling they might be to accept it.)

Driving on in to work, we passed a van advertising for an electrician. I won't give the name of the company, but I will say that the "t" in the "Electric" half of that name was a big yellow cross. On the side of the van, underneath the company name, was written this motto:

Obeying the code to connect to the power.

I sense a double meaning behind that phrase. On the surface, it sounds like a straightforward reassurance: Yes, our work is up to code, and therefore trustworthy. But I'm hearing a bit of a dogwhistle, too, in words like code and power. The "power" part is easy enough, but to what "code" might they be referring? Maybe the Ten Commandments could be counted as a sort of code of conduct. I doubt they were referring to the Code of Hammurabi, because while it's barbarous tone should certainly be appealing to a certain sector of the Christian world, it was Babylonian in origin, and Christianity has long-standing Issues with the Babylonians. It was all very interesting just the same.

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