Thursday, 6 May 2010

National Day of Prayer

As you could probably guess, I'm not a fan of the National Day of Prayer, a blatantly sectarian "holiday" which is also quite blatantly unconstitutional, as in fact a federal judge recently ruled. The day originated in the Red Scare era, when it became de rigeur (not to mention politically expedient) to put forth displays of nationalistic piety lest one be branded a Godless Communist; it's the same era that gave us "In God We Trust" in the Pledge of Allegiance, for example. Click that initial link up there and tell me the current manifestation of the NDoP is in any way inclusive or interfaith. I'm frankly irked that President Obama pandered to the perpetuation of this divisive little artifact, but I'm not at all surprised; even now, it's politically expedient to make nice with the Christian right, which still holds an inordinate amount of power in this nation, no matter how much some of their mouthpieces might like to whine about persecution. If I pray for anything today, it'll be that I live long enough to see a day when relics like this "national day" are no longer considered useful for a progressive, progressing society.

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