Sunday, 9 May 2010

An Observation

Normal people don't ever have mugwort hangovers, do they?


  1. How are you getting a mugwort hangover? I'm slightly jealous now. How do you brew it?

  2. It was actually a key ingredient in one of my incense blends. I probably burned enough of it to give us all black lung, but it was lovely. :)

    Though now you mention it, mugwort could certainly be brewed in a tea, though I suspect it would taste wretched. Hmmm. Chamomile, valerian, mugwort, and about a metric ton of honey to make it bearable...I'm going to work on this and I'll post the result here. That could be an excellent ritual beverage.

  3. L & I mull mugwort in sweet red wine with honey for a scrying brew that is out of this world. But, yes, mugwort hangover. My sympathies.

  4. Back when I was a know-it-all teenage Witch, I burned straight mugwort as incense and made a very strong tea of the stuff.

    I then had to convince my parents that the smoke in the house was perfectly legal and that I wasn't high on something.