Thursday, 22 July 2010

In Which I Make No Sense At All, Probably

When I'm wearing my amateur Egyptologist hat, I want all my facts in order, I want evidence lined up in orderly ranks, I want surmise and conjecture and wild supposition to be kept to the absolute minimum. If I'm conducting a Kemetic ritual, you can expect that I will have done my homework well in advance, and that what I'm doing will have some basis in history, all the while recognizing that we are modern people in modern times in a completely different country and cultural milieux and that recreating the ways of the ancient Egyptians would be impossible on nearly every level without a staggering budget and a time machine. When I'm being my regular pagany self, then it's a syncretic free-for-all, and all bets are off. All I can promise is clarity, in the sense that I'll at least tell you of my intentions beforehand if you're going to be a part of the proceedings. I'll never promise you a Kemetic ritual and then cast a Wiccan-style circle, or anything like that (though that could happen if I were to, say, conduct an "Egyptian Pagan" circle or something along those lines). I try to keep my abstract and ill-defined paganity separate from my hardcore Egyptological leanings, though some crossover is I suppose inevitable.

I was hoping if I just ran with this theme I'd eventually come to a point, but that's looking less and less likely, so I'll end this here for now. Expect more blathering along these lines in the future.

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  1. I've been mulling over a future blog post along the same lines, but, it too has yet to come to any point. I feel like I'm working up to something new and different, but that it hasn't taken any recognizable shape yet. Neo-Greco-Dianic-Witchcraft? Ugh. Perhaps not.