Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Creationist Theme Park!

Wow, Governor Beshear, seriously? I get that it's about potential revenue to be made, but still, it's not like Kentucky doesn't already have a reputation for being filled with backwards dumbassed hicks:

Proposal for Religious Theme Park to be Unveiled

The Cincinnati Enquirer and The Courier-Journal reported Tuesday that the proposal involves a full-scale wooden ark that would include associated museums, theaters, amenities, event venues and outdoor parking. Preliminary indications are that the attraction could draw as many as 1.6 million guests per year and would cost $24.5 million to build.
You all know how fond I am of when religion and government mix, and a gubernatorial endorsement of an unabashedly sectarian enterprise surely qualifies. And even worse, my own personal ethics won't allow me to visit such a venue; while I'm certain the lulz would be epic, I can't stand the thought of my money going to an organization supportive of causes that are to me anathema. That means no dinosaur rides for me.

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