Tuesday, 21 June 2011


To quote Foreigner, "it's not the end of my world, just a slight change of plans." I'm rather tired of mundane upheavals, but all is well for now, and perhaps the changes will even prove to be positive. Damn you, double-dip recession!

As for me personally and spiritually, well, the work continues apace. I'm in the final course of my FOI studies prior to ordination, which if all goes well should take place in the fall. I still feel very disconnected from the pagan community in general and can only watch with mildly interested detachment as things go on all around me as I sit here calm in the center of my own world. It's fascinating to see the exciting things that others I know are exploring, but I know that I can't join in or follow along; those roads are clearly barred to me, by my own natural proclivities as much as by anything else, but at least I'm finally old enough and wise (?) enough to recognize those paths for the traps they are. I get the grey path, the middle road, the still point at the eye of the storm. The place of balance, of temperance, of Ma'at is where I am best utilized, at least for now. It's a reflective and inward-directed place at the moment, but I have no doubt it will eventually circle around again. Nothing remains static forever. And everything happens eventually.