Monday, 25 July 2011

More Changes

One of the spiritual organizations with which I am affiliated is restructuring; and while I absolutely respect and support the right of the founder to remake said organization in whatever way she sees fit, I'm not at this time certain I can continue to be a part of it. The sticking points seem minor enough, but my fundamental agnosticism is so intrinsic a part of me that it seems to exist at a cellular level--and if my neo-Jungian skeptical tendencies are unwelcome, then I guess I'm unwelcome too, at least at that level of participation.

But it's late, and these are questions best left for another more wakeful time. Oh, and don't worry about me (as I know some of you might, and I love you more for it); I'm not at all upset, just a bit bemused. You know--one door closing, another one opening, that sort of thing.

For now, I leave you with some Bones quotes that are apropos:

"Entropy is a natural force that pulls everything apart at the subatomic level. Everything changes." --Brennan

"Pyramids are better at change than you are." --Booth

1 comment:

  1. I think fundamental agnosticism isn't a problem.

    The neo-Jungian thing... maybe. I would at least send in an email explaining your position, and see if that's "in" or "out." Have her make the decision based on your input, since she initiated it.

    Or not.

    The KIN board seems to be taking off, and looks like it's living up to its promise.