Friday, 8 July 2011

Oh. Oh oh oh. OH!

Epiphany time!

So I was sitting around, meditating (or more accurately, letting my mind wander as it would) and the subject of my spiritual parentage came to mind. As (some? most?) of you know, I am a divined daughter of Hethert (Hathor) in the House of Netjer, a parentage that sometimes seems absolutely right to me and other times seems completely insane. My thoughts were veering down that secondary path this morning, contemplating the qualities that Hethert possesses and failing to find them in my brain-bound, non-ecstatic, hyper-rational cranky self. For some reason I was then reminded of someone's Tumblr post where they declared "Temperance Brennan is my spirit animal," which led me further on into fretful contemplation of how I've found much to identify with in her character, and so on and so forth ad nauseum round and round until a voice/thought cut through all of my mind-chatter with this:

Remember, before she was Temperance, she was Joy.

Oh. Oh oh oh. OHHHH. Right, then. Spiritual parentage/patronage (and one's name, as well) are less about who you are at any given time than who you were/are at your core, who you were/are in the very first time, when you came into being. All it took was one internal fandom reference to remind me of that, which proves that even fannish obsessions have their uses.

Because before I was temperatelogic (here, and on Twitter, and elsewhere) I too was joy: Nehmetemhethert, my Kemetic name, translates to Dance in joy for Hethert.

Oh. Oh. That's...OH.


  1. That's remarkable! Isn't it amazing when that inner knowing just crystallizes and everything seems to make sense, even if for just an instant? I'm so happy that you are finding the thread that leads you back to yourself, sister mine!

  2. Excellent. I've been thinking about spiritual parentage because I haven't been divined yet.

    My current thinking is that they are not necessarily the Names you should be working with now, or who might have the most to teach you. It's more of a question of "Who were you before you learned anything?"Honoring them is a bit like honoring your Akhu. Does that make sense?

  3. That's awesome. And severly mind blowing! And, yay Mama!!!