Friday, 5 August 2011

Or, you know, not.

Hmm. I am apparently in a phase of life where anything I say will summarily be disproved by the universe, and where things are subject to change without notice. Okay, then. Challenge accepted.

And just because I stop believing in a thing, it doesn't necessarily mean that thing stops believing in me.

So don't count me out just yet!

(In other, somewhat related news, I think I'm going to open an adjunct blog dedicated solely to the spooky things I love so much. It's almost That Time Of Year, you know.)


  1. I'm pretty much always living in a state where the Universe will disprove anything I think or say or intend to do. It feels like chaos, but it may just be the correct order of the Universe.

    I vote YES on the topic of the spooky blog devoted to That Time of Year. I'm ready for it already (I'm never not ready for it though).

  2. Only a fool would discount you, sister-friend. ;) Let us know when the ooky-spooky blog is ready. *rubs hands together in delight*