Monday, 10 October 2011

"Yes, Virginia, I am an Atheist Pagan"

I'm interrupting the countdown for a most interesting article from Rhett Aultman: "Yes, Virginia, I am an Atheist Pagan." Many interesting points made here, and I recommend it highly.

I might not think that Hermes is "real", but that doesn't mean that I can't aspire to be like Hermes, make art that represents Hermes, talk about Hermes, do things and claim Hermes did them, dress like Hermes, act like Hermes, get other people to call me Hermes, or be Hermes...for myself or others...for a time. Just because something isn't real doesn't mean that you can't experience it. If things that didn't really exist had no power, I sincerely doubt that people would go to see Batman or Iron Man movies. People love connecting with those complex symbols of heroism. People just also know that you can't shine a bat-shaped searchlight when you're getting mugged and that you can't trade in Stark Industries on the NYSE.

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  1. Huh...I must have missed this school of thought in mainstream pagan thinking. To me, paganism has been = to polythea|ism, so atheistic polytheism seemed as contradictory as atheistic monotheism; I will have to give it a think and let it percolate.

    I came to paganism from an atheist or maybe agnostic scientific background, but, as a Dianic Goddess worshipper, have found the concept of the sacred feminine empowering, and feel that 'real' is a problematic as 'thea|os', maybe giving more credence to an objective world view (like scientists and left-brainers are always accused of) and missing the subtle flavors of the ineffable, inexplicable levels that may be dea|ity.