Monday, 12 December 2011

Ten Days of Joy: Day 1

"Ten Days of Joy" is a custom that's been observed by some in Kemetic Orthodoxy for the past few years; I think it was begun by Shefyt (and I hope she'll correct me if I'm wrong). In the ten days leading up to the Festival of "Bast Guards the Two Lands," one celebrates the unique small joys that each day brings. Now, precisely because I've felt myself caught in a veritable shitstorm--hell, a shitcyclone--for well over a year now, I'm taking time to focus on those easily-overlooked bright spots for the next ten days. Gods know I'm rarely the one to accentuate the positive, so this should be an interesting exercise for the woman with "joy" in her name and "restraint" in her alias. (Hmm, that sounds familiar. Oh, wait.)

What joys did this first day bring?

A DVD I'd ordered arrived. It's a refresher/instructional video for American Tribal Style belly dance, my preferred dance style and the one in which I used to perform a few years ago. I've missed it, and when I saw this disc advertised I thought it looked like just the thing. I was very happy to find it in the mailbox.

I tested for a company for which I think I'd like to freelance. Even being asked to test was rather flattering, and I felt that I acquitted myself reasonably well. Now to the waiting, to see if they agree!

So, there's a start. Dua Netjer! Dua Bast!

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  1. Nekhtet! :)

    Hemet actually did the first Ten Days of Joy, back when she was doing the Daily Devotions emails. I thought it was a great idea, so I've been carrying it on.