Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Biting My Metaphorical Tongue

Lately, everything I think to write about turns ranty before I can even get it on the page. I'm not particularly angry in general, not hating life any more than I ordinarily might, but there do seem to be an inordinate amount of things that I find irritating these days. I blame the internet.

Giving free rein to my inner curmudgeon and letting those rants flow would do little to endear me to, well, anyone. It's been a bemusing journey of self-discovery lately, to be honest. I've lived my life always being the weirdo, a paragon of live-and-let-live tolerance, the proponent of all manner of non-traditional activities--and yet, I find myself utterly baffled by the shit I'm expected to swallow in the name of tolerance these days. (Of course, I'm as equally appalled by the shit being shoveled by the "conservative" camp as by the "liberal," so maybe I am in fact a true moderate. Temperance, remember? Ask and ye shall receive, with sometimes shocking results!)

(I think I need to unfollow everyone on Tumblr except the picspammers, because the things I'm reading lately make me despair for the future of humanity.)

You want to know what I think? Here's what I think:

* I think people of all races can be racist, and people of both sexes can be sexist. There are no limits to being an asshole.

* I think people flipping their virtual shit over vernacular, non-pejorative usage of words like "gypsy" is foolish and reactionary. Not everything is a slur, and not everything is about you.

* I think people need to stop conflating "sex" and "gender." The second word was coined to have a specific meaning, distinct from the characteristics of biology. I think people need to stop conflating "transsexual" and "transgender." Those suffixes have quite different meanings.

* I think there are many differences between those who are born, raised and socialized as one sex or the other and those who choose to "transition" into those social and/or physical roles later in life. I also think it's odd that a condition that affects about .01% of the population has become such an enormous issue in paganism (and on the internet).

* I think people have lost all sense of restraint and decorum, making the most shockingly intimate revelations within moments of meeting. I further think that having multiple diagnoses requiring multiple medications is not a thing to brag about, but everyone young and old alike seems to do it, as though it were a competition.

* I think "disagreement" and "oppression" are different things. Christians are not oppressed by the disagreement of non-Christians. My disagreeing with your opinion is not me oppressing you, and your disagreeing with my opinion is not you oppressing me.

* I think if people are as hypersensitive and delicate and so easily mortally wounded in real life as they are online, they will not be able to function in the world.

* I think that just saying a thing doesn't make it so.

I'll say these things here, and elaborate no further, knowing that these opinions are extremely unpopular and would get me labeled things like "bigot" and "transmisogynist" should I express them indiscriminately. I could rant at length and with vigor about any of these subjects, but I won't--not today, anyway. I don't think that I am in any way a hateful or bigoted person; but I do consider myself to be a rational and intelligent person, and one whose patience has worn thin.

Or maybe I really am getting older.  :P