Sunday, 23 December 2012

A Brief Update

I've had yet another rejection--honestly, I'm getting so good at them that they hardly faze me at all now--but also found a couple more possibilities, so I forge on; what else can I do? I started a temporary position last week, which they say could last three to four months, though there's no way to say for certain. Already there have been two days in which there was insufficient work to keep us on for a full shift, which they swear is just because of the holidays, so I'm less than confident; still, it's work, and some income is better than none. At least we've managed to buy ourselves a bit of a reprieve. At this point, it looks like we're staying put at least for another month. My husband likens our situation to being swept along with the current of a river, seeing docks and low-hanging branches up ahead in the distance but not knowing if we'll have the ability to catch hold of them as we're borne along. At least for the moment I've stopped thrashing so hard; it wasn't helping keep me afloat, and the rushing tide was far too strong for me to fight. I'm not a very good swimmer, unfortunately. But I'm damned if I'll be an easy drowner, either.

We're two days past solstice. The light may be strengthening, but as yet it's still difficult to see it. This statement applies on more than one level.  I'll light a candle, and I may still curse the darkness, but I'm also going to face it singing. I don't know what else to do.

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