Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Catching Up: Post #2

(I hate to say it, but I'm disinclined to transcribe much of what I've scrawled out by hand these past few months. I will, however, give you a few bits for your entertainment, like this one.)

April 30, 2013:

As it is May Eve, it seems only appropriate to tell you all this, so that you may laugh at my naivete or cluelessness, whichever. (I facepalmed so hard at the realization that I think I left fingerprints on my forehead.)

So, yeah, you know that speech from the first chapter of Liber AL that goes "pale or purple, veiled or voluptuous"? Nice bit of poetry, that. Appalling that I never realized until sometime just in the past few weeks that it's talking about peen.

Yeah, I know, it's dick-obsessed Crowley, solar-phallic cult, yadda yadda--I know, OK? Pale or purple. Veiled or voluptuous. (Technically, those terms could also be applied to the clitoris, but since this is Crowley we're talking about here, I'm pretty certain it's cock he's referencing. Oy.) If I hadn't already dropped out years ago, the OTO'd probably kick me out for not grokking the obvious.

Anyway, I'm still way behind in transcribing handwritten blog posts, some of which were written in January. I'll try to catch up. We're moved now, and once the (literal) dust settles I'll start catching up in earnest.

For now, happy eve-of-Beltane, and enjoy your Maypole of choice secure in the knowledge that I do, at least, know what that means!

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