About This Blog

I started this particular blog back in 2010, intending it to be a chronicle of certain facets of my spiritual explorations. That still applies, but maybe not in the same way as it once did.

The name has changed three times so far. It began as Polyvalent Logic, which meant something to me but perhaps led others to wrongly assume this to be a mathematical blog (it wasn't).

I then changed it to The Iconoclastic Traditionalist, which I still think is a great title; but the term traditionalism here in the age of 45* has taken on fascistic connotations that I absolutely do not intend.

The current title is Motivational Anhedonia, one of the minor demons that has robbed me of more than I'm comfortable thinking about right now. But the ancients believed that to know a thing's name was the key to its unmaking, and I want to believe that, too.

//TLG, Beltane 2017

* He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, aka the Unpresidented. 

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